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When we think of a gluten free diet, we often think of the challenges of going to the grocery store, or the frustrations of being out to eat. In this unique story, CPT B. Donald Andrasik - who has been on a gluten free diet for well over a decade - shares his story of maintaining a gluten free diet while at war in Afghanistan. The daily struggles of his demanding environment are compounded by the hassels and anxieties of needing gluten free food in a part of the world where resources are scarce. 

Gluten Free Author Awards Nominee

In this amazing true story, CPT B. Donald Andrasik shows us how - no matter where you are - gluten free food, friends, and opportunities are never far away. This inspirational journey is one that every celiac, gluten free dieter, or any special dieter should read. Join CPT B. Donald Andrasik as he chronicles the challenges of eating gluten free in a hostile, and glutenous, environment half a world away.About BDonald